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The indoor garden: Succulents

 photo succulent_zpscfc149bb.jpg

This is my recent obsession: succulents. I love them. Full stop. I have a childhood memory of my mum giving me and my brother succulents in nice pots for our rooms, I think mainly because they are so easy to care for and look after, and need a minimum of water. This way we had the best precondition for managing a real living plant in our teenage rooms. Needless to say, succulents was the last thing I had on my mind, and I surely did not appreciate them. Wow, was I mistaken.

 photo succulent2_zps48754d69.jpg

Now, as you can see, I have a small collection of succulents and cacti. I’m not entirely sure of how to care for my cacti, and watering is happening when they look particular dry, so I’m still to learn how to understand that species.

 photo succulent3_zpsf08d81ef.jpg

My succulents on the other hand, I have some knowledge about. Succulents storage water in their leaves unlike cacti who stores it in their stem. This is why you can propagate new succulents just by cutting of the leaves of the “mother plant”, as they will form roots (and will have water to do so) if treated properly. They need plenty of light, and are happy to be outside during the summer – who doesn’t? However, these plants are also suitable for the indoor garden especially if you have a sunny window sill.

 photo succulent5_zps331f9504.jpg

 photo succulent4_zps97ec442c.jpg

I’m still to learn a lot in this area, but are hoping that increasing my collection will result in greater knowledge and experience. If you have any experience in the field, please by all means share your best tips in the comment field below.

bluerry ice cream thumbnail

Blueberry & Chocolate Ice Cream

 photo blueberryicecream_zps401b22ba.jpg

I bought an ice cream maker and I’m struggling with it! Have you any experience in the area? Anyways, I have still be trying for the last three days, to make delicious vegan and sugar free ice creams. And I actually thought that this version is both non ice cream maker friendly and really good tasting. I love the combination of blueberry and cocoa nibs. Hell, I just love cocoa nibs in anything. But not too many of them. Applied to either a breakfast bowl or porridge don’t overdo it, it’s the small surprises in a spoonful that makes cocoa nibs amazing. and the dish applied to it quite nice.

What you need for 2 people with big appetites…
1 cup of frozen blueberries (it gives the nicest color when you use frozen blueberries)
1 can of coconut milk (the fatty one)
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
2 tablespoons of liquid coconut nectar
2 small bananas
1 table spoons of cocoa nibs

This is how it’s done…
Blend all ingredients and pour into either an ice cream maker or if you don’t have an ice cream maker, pour it into a container and put it in the freezer. Every 30 minutes, take the ice cream out and stir thoroughly, then put it back in. It will slowly start to freeze. Repeat this until the ice cream have the consistency you want. If you decide to go all deep freeze with the ice cream, be sure to take it out 30 minutes before serving, so it can defrost a bit and be eaten with a bit more grace. Nothing is more hilarious when trying to eat ice cream like a explorer is trying to uncover a mammoth from the North Pole. Believe me, I have tried. My impatience often take me down that road.

Green Vegan Mactha Latte_tumbnail

Green Vegan Matcha Latte

 photo GreenVeganMacthaLatte_zpsdf02ddef.jpg

 photo greenveganmatchalatte_3_zps4b5df77d.jpg

Tired of iced coffee? No, I know. You can never be tired of ice coffee – never! But, sometimes, your body needs a break from the coffee and especially the added whole milk and tons of sugar that goes with it. I’m the person that will stand in line on Starbucks and have them spell out for me what is in their iced lattes. No sirup, no whipped cream (it’s not a dessert, it’s a drink!), I’m just after plain milky coffee, strained over ice cubes. Yes, that is right, no crushed ice, only cubes. High maintenance much, Rikke?

Anyways, after turning away from dairy I have come to learn the negative effect it has on my skin. I get pimples and rash (in the face of course) so I’m very keen on any substitutes. That is why I decided to try to make my own almond milk this weekend, and it turned out perfectly! Suddenly, I came to think. If I can’t have dairy and can’t have coffee, how can I make a drink that substitutes the iced latte I always dream about when the sun is shining? Introducing the Green Vegan Matcha Latte. And before you try it, you need to know. This will taste of green tea, but it will be good. This is not a triple iced mocha, whole fat, half coffee, full monty whipped cream and ditto caramel sauce. This is just a plain green tea iced latte, strained over ice cubes. And I really really hope that you will enjoy it!

For one person, you will need…
1 cup of homemade almond milk
1 tea spoon of green matcha powder
2 teaspoons of liquid coconut nectar
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

This is how it’s done…
In a blender blitz all ingredients with one ice cube until all is mixed and no ice is is left. Serve immediately and pour over several ice cubes. Serve with a fancy straw that makes you happy.

breakfast bowl

Blueberry Coconut Breakfast Bowl

 photo breakfastbowl2_zps85441e84.jpg

Breakfast for dinner? Love it! And who doesn’t? This evening I got home late from work, and stopped by Planet Organic to pick up almond milk and frozen fruit. Threw a coconut yoghurt in the basket as well, when I had the idea of eating a breakfast bowl for dinner. This could also be a dessert bowl to be honest. Imagine that, dessert for breakfast? I like it!

 photo breakfastbowl_zps95c59c19.jpg

For one person all you need is:
1 cup of Coyo coconut yoghurt
1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

A drizzle of chia seeds
A drizzle of cocoa nibs
4 fresh strawberries cut into small pieces
1-2 teaspoons of milled pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds (or just buy ‘Linwoods Milled Organic flaxseed, sunflower & pumpkin seeds’)

This is how you make breakfast for dinner or dessert for breakfast, you chose:
Blend the coconut yoghurt, frozen blueberries and vanilla together. Pour into a bowl and drizzle with all the toppings. This is not really a big portion, so please feel free to add up, if you’re really really hungry or just craving this.


My Notting Hill Garden

 photo have1_zps36bdf474.jpg

I haven’t really showed you my garden here on P&P yet, so I thought it might be about time to give you a sneak peak into what is going on in my small Notting Hill garden. It’s not much really, and especially not after pigeons and snails have eaten my salad and radish seedlings. Bastards.

 photo have3_zps4cce869a.jpg

Anyways, let’s not dwell on the past. My garden is actual around 50 square meters, but given the height of the neighbor houses around it, it’s not a garden with full sun blast for 8 hours a day. This also means that I need to be really strategic about what to plant where. Most of my crops are in pots except for the pumpkins I’m trying to grow this year. The bed they are in used to have extremely poor quality soil with very little nutrients, so this year I have mixed in both compost and topsoil, hoping that the soil will improve significantly.

 photo have2_zps11143916.jpg

On the opposite side of the garden are my potato bags. I rarely eat potatoes, unless I grow them myself, and every bite is priceless after having nursed them for a season, waiting for the small roots to appear from below the green lush plants. Pure bliss.

 photo have4_zpsdbf7a855.jpg

Another great passion of mine are the beans. I love beans. If I had to chose only one veggie to eat for the rest of my life, it would be beans. And broccoli. This year I have experimented with four different varieties. However, it seems only two of them will actually give some yield this year. Oh well, you win some, you loose some.

The other crops I’m trying to grow are peas, radishes, carrots, beets, salad and spinach. Even though I’ve been growing for three years now, it’s still pretty much trial and error. But that really is the fun of it also. And I don’t have any plans about stopping just yet. So much more to learn.