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A guide to food pesticides

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There is so much brilliant knowledge and experience out there online, so I wanted to introduce a new category, which I like to call “P&P Week Reads”. The idea behind it is simple. Each friday I will write a blogpost about – in my belief – an interesting piece of knowledge, information or experience found somewhere online, which I believe is worth a read. The reason this will be a recurring Friday event? The #PPWeekendRead is a good piece of information that you can easily digest on your Saturday morning when consuming a wholesome breakfast or enjoying the first coffee of the day.

So let’s get going. The first #PPWeekendRead is about pesticides in the produce we buy in the supermarket. Earlier this evening I magnified my girl crush on Kris Carr watching this YouTube video. Omg. I want to be her so badly! She’s so inspiring and so amazing. Who can say fuck that many times during a speech and get away with it?! And have you taken a look at her skin? No beauty product will ever be able to create such a glow. You just eat up your greens for a fair chance at that great a skin! (Keep on reading… The link to this weeks #WeekRead will come at the bottom).

Anyways, she mentioned a company called Environmental Working Group, and you can already now throw virtual hugs and kisses their way, because they are basically doing so much research that will help you make informed decisions about the food you eat and ultimately help you adapt healthier routines.

This is one of the ways they do exactly that: EWG’s 2014 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce (TM). In this guide they are highlighting the Clean Fifteen (TM) and The Dirty Dozen (TM), which is a guide to the top 15 vegetables and fruits that are least likely to have pesticide residue in them and the 12 vegetables and fruits that have a risk of being the most contaminated. My learning from this guide would be to prioritise choosing organic versions of the dirty dozens (especially given that spinach is a stable part of my morning smoothie) and not be as strict with the clean fifteen. Look at that, bam! An accessible easy and healthy habit created.

It should be noted that the list is for conventional produce, not organic, and covers produce tested in the US only. We have far more restrictions about pesticides in Europe, but nevertheless feel inspired and use this guide to provide direction, despite continents. We need to know where our food comes from and what is in it! Click on the link above and be informed and inspired by this fantastic piece of research. I promise, it will not take you long to gain this brilliant knowledge. 5 minutes max!

There you have it, the first P&P Weekend Read recommendation. Go nuts!


Summer Holiday & Big News!

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I know. It’s been so quite in here for a long time. And you know what? That is because a lot of things have happened. The biggest thing is the engagement to my amazing boyfriend. I never thought I would be the wedding-girl, but I’m totally digging my new status and the fact that in a year’s time the knot will be tied to this amazing man. It happened on an impromptu weekend trip to Paris and after that we spent a week and a half back in Denmark in my parents’ house. We rented a car and could therefore drive around and look at wedding venues, enjoy the Danish summer and eat tonnes of ice cream and Danish pick ‘n mix (Yes, I’m not tirelessly a healthy saint after all…).

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One of the biggest joys about this trip (aside from sharing the good news with family and friends of course) was being able to feed off my parents amazing garden. In the morning I would go out and pick the biggest blackberries I have ever seen. I never thought of myself as a blackberry person, but that is apparently because the blackberries you get in the super markets are so sour! These were just amazing. I have never tasted blackberries so sweet! I saw myself stuffing my mouth with these berries, almost two at the time and simply craving more after each bite. My point is, don’t knock off blackberries because you think they are too sour until you try them straight off a blackberry bush.

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Blackberries were not the only produce that gobsmacked me. My hubby to be and I pulled up beetroots, carrots, and potatoes of the ground and picked buckets full of beans, courgettes, tomatoes, cucumber and salad. It was so easy to make lovely dinners with home-grown food and I was delighted.
Unfortunately, as we didn’t have a neighbour watering our produce I came back to withered peas, beans and radishes. So sad, but luckily the salad and spinach had recovered which means that I can still pick lush green handfuls to my lunch salad.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will give you a recipe for a hearty Indian Summer Vegetable bowl. August here in London is rather cold and grey with a minimum of sunny spells, so I thought I would make a warm salad with seasonal produce. Remember to check in, it’s a really brilliant dish.