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The Perfect Smoothie Recipe

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Last week #WeekRead was on holiday. Friday night my hubby-to-be and I was on a plane, on our way to a birthday to celebrate my fiances granddad’s 85 birthday. Such an inspiration! So #WeekRead had to wait. Step aside for the celebration of a 85 year old senior with such a joy for life! Something we can all learn from.

Anyways, let’s talk about this weeks #WeekRead. It’s pretty simple. It’s the perfect smoothie recipe. It’s located on the Free People Blog. I just love that blog. So many useful and quirky inspirational blog posts. These basic smoothie steps just had me at hello. It’s quite similar to how I make my smoothie, although I’m not always good at following all steps through. But I can’t agree more to the statement that a smoothie should be a meal, not a dessert. Cudos to that! Come on, you know you want to. Click here to see the anatomy of a smoothie and go try for yourself!

Let’s talk about a healthy lunch…

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I want to throw in a word about lunch. I think I did so before on this healthy lunch blogpost, but here it is again. Homemade lunch is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, I like eating out, in fact i LOVE eating out. But on a day to day basis, when I feel like I need to have all my ducks in a row, eat healthy, follow a healthy pattern, I need to bring in my own lunch to work. It calms me. It’s pure meditation to spend some time making lunch the night before, sometimes the morning before going to work. If you haven’t tried it, DO IT! See the colors come together as you add more ingredients to your salad, or when you taste for seasoning and realise that this shit is great and that you cannot wait to eat it at lunch.

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This way I’m finding that I really look forward to lunch, but at the same time, enjoy it even more when I eat. And that calms me as well. Doing this have given me an hour each day where I sit down, enjoy my lunch and feels a bit de-stressed. Not to bad, huh? Of course, with my line of work, there are days where the shit meets the fan, and the high gear kicks in. This means that there are no time for lunch without a side of hard work. These days are horrible for my stress levels. When I come home from work I cannot sleep, even though it’s past midnight, due to the high intensity at work. So you can imagine when I get to experience lunches like these, it’s quite good for the work life balance, that we all are talking about here in London.

Raw Overnight Oats with Chai & Chia

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This is a super energizing breakfast bowl of raw overnight oats, perfect as a post-training meal, or a full on breakkie before a long day of activities. I’m planning on loading up on this breakfast and plenty of green juice when I’m going sea kayaking in the end of September. Can’t wait! This recipe is also good for those of you (myself included) that have difficulties getting a hardcore chia pudding down on its own.

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The steady hearty seasoning from the orange juice, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla and the super energizing filling foods like oats, bananas and cocoa chips make for a good comforting breakfast. It will take around 20 minutes to prepare the night before – don’t you just love the night before preparations, which allows us to sleep in and hit the snooze button a gazillion times? I certainly do…

For 2 servings you will need (or in the case you are extremely hungry, 1 serving)…
Juice from 1 orange
1 tablespoon agave syrup (or brown rice syrup or coconut nectar)
1 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
2 tablespoons vanilla essence
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground ginger
2 teaspoons chia seeds
2 tablespoons of pecans

You will need additionally 2 oranges and 1/2 cup of almond milk, alongside cocoa nibs for the topping once you serve the porridge.

Start by blending the bananas with 1/2 cup of almond milk, the juice from 1 orange, agave syrup, cinnamon and ginger to make the “banana/milk creme” the oats will soak in overnight. Chop the pecan nuts roughly. Add pecans, oats and chia seeds to the juice and stir together, making sure that all the dry ingredients are tossed together and coated in the creme. Leave it to sit overnight in the fridge.

In the morning take out the porridge divide the portions in two. the Porridge should be really sticky by now. Slice two oranges and remove the white skin, so you are left with only the orange “meat”. Pour one tablespoon of porridge in the bottom of a glass bowl and then add a layer of orange meat then add another tablespoon full of porridge. Top up the porridge with the remaining of the orange meat, before pouring the 1/2 cup of cold almond milk over the porridge. Drizzle with cocoa nibs in the end.

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Drink with your favorite tea. Mine is Teapigs’ Liquor ice & Peppermint, which I occasionally are asked to import to my brother when I’m going home to visit Denmark. This tea is absolutely amazing, I practically never drink anything else!

It’s a Black Bean Stew Wrap!

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Can you feel the season change? I can definitely, feeling myself getting more exhausted by the minute. Good thing we have a holiday to Florida to look forward to in November. Yes, that is correct, end of november and my hubby-to-be and I will be enjoying some rest in the sunny state. I can’t wait! Fresh fruit and produce in November and of the good summer’y kind. Sign me up! Wohoo!

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This recipe is quite simple. Basically it’s a plant based mexican meal. I have used kale leaves as wraps, and filled it with a mashed avocado and mango compote, plain brown rice, sprouted lentils and a sweet black bean stew with cashew creme. It’s my first take on the black beans and it actually ended up sweet and sour tasty at the same time. Very nice indeed.

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Here’s what you need for the black bean stew…
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 can of organic black beans
Juice from 2 limes
Salt and pepper to taste
Cashew creme from 1/2 cup of water plus 5 tbsp water, 2 heaping tablespoons of nutritional yeast.
Blend all the ingredients together to create a smooth sauce.
1 handful of roughly chopped parsley

Melt the coconut oil in a pan. Take the black beans out of the can and rinse thoroughly. Transfer to the pan and lightly sauté the beans before you add the lime juice. Saute for another couple of minutes. Add the cashew sauce, you might not need all of it, just to make the beans stick together. Lastly add the chopped parsley and stir together. Now your bean stew are ready to be filled in the kale leaves together with mango and avocado mash, lentils and brown rice. You can of course feel free to add whatever you fancy. Maybe more filling options? If you come up with a really tasty fill feel free to leave a link!

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