Best before – but how long?

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This weeks #WeekRead is the perfect guide to help you get the most out of your veggies in the fridge. Have you ever had fruits or veggies that has gone bad in your fridge, because no dish needs so many mushrooms? That recently happened to me. It such a shame throwing food away, and expensive as hell!

 photo weekread3_2_zps2955e28b.jpg have made it easier for us to be more strategic about what veggies we chose to use in the fridge. Use the guide to learn how long your veggies will last in the fridge and what to use first and what veggies can lie in that fridge a looong time. I know that spinach needs to be eaten straight away, but root vegetables, squash types and all sorts of onions can survive in my fridge longer. That way I can stock up on these things, buy a proper bulk of them, and then add spinach and salad, etc. on a half-weekly basis.

Go take a look – it’s a really helpful site! Read more here…

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