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#WeekRead is returning with IKEA hydroponics

I’ve realised that as soon as my maternity leave ends, our little Alice starts in daycare and I will be back in employment, that I will have absolutely no free time so I’m now trying to grow a habit of making time to my own projects, and then hopefully – HOPEFULLY – it will stick when summer comes and everything goes down.

One of my heartfelt projects is the #WeekRead where I tip you readers with easy to read and interesting reads and links you can spend your Saturday morning digesting with a cup of Joe.

This weeks #WeekRead no. 6 comes from IKEA. Yes, you read it correctly the first time. Come this spring IKEA launches a hydroponic series enabling you to grow your own vegetables indoors anytime of the year. It’s good news, especially for dim Copenhagen apartments, that don’t necessarily have access to a vegetable pad or multiple window sills with access the sun for most of the day. You can read more about the project here.

We actually bought a house, so I will not be concerned with regular window growing this season, apart from sprouting and propagation, so expect some good updates from our new garden this year.

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To sum up the principles of the weekly #WeekRead, every other Friday evening I link to a piece of content from either another blog or news site which I find extremely interesting or useful. The only rule is, it should be an easy to read, digestible article that can be read in 5 minutes. That way, when you enjoy that first cup of coffee tomorrow morning (you might even do some morning pinning?) you can read the #WeekRead easy while waking up.

What can happen to you in eight months…

 photo bry 2_zpsllvl3xqc.jpg

So… I was thinking, the blog has been neglected for too long and I also have some exiting updates. No, no seriously, it is exciting… If you are me, or my husband, and of course our dear friends and family. Blog updates on the other hand, have been completely neglected, and I will tell you why below. I think at one point we left it with “I just got engaged!” and then we never really got the to the I DO part. Let me rectify that.

 photo bry 3_zps4o5ubjqy.jpg

 photo bry_zpscevtnluu.jpg

The wedding part have come and gone and it was absolutely wonderful. Early in the planning process we decided to move the wedding forward, leaving not a lot of time for our friends to surprise us with stag and hen do’s, and even lesser time for me to get into “the best shape of my life”.

Well, the day came and it was a perfect dusky Copenhagen weather, the settings were amazing and all our guests seem to have a damn good time. But I was not in the best shape of my life; because we found out mid-December that parenthood hopefully would come knocking on our doors late August. So, with a wonderful wedding memory and a growing bump and behind, we went on honeymoon in the states.

 photo P4240030_zpsw16dq9je.jpg

 photo P4260062_zpspo7t1fcl.jpg

 photo P4280157_zpsjwl8xdu3.jpg

 photo P5010340_zpshqbn0gif.jpg

 photo P5010452_zpstywwht4l.jpg

 photo P5010445_zpssyatlj8r.jpg

 photo P4290234_zpsmuzvswje.jpg

 photo P4290189_zpsdbwzmfit.jpg

In two weeks we drove through and experienced five different states and loads of wildlife and nature. It was by far the best holiday ever! Some highlight would defo have to be Dunton Hot Springs, Zion National Park, Cedaredge Lodge, Monument Valley, Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and the Mondrian. For more highlights I have instragrammed my fair share here!

So there you have it. Within the time that I have been hitting the mute button hard on the blog, we have been enjoying all kinds of happiness.

But I’m not quite done yet. After living nearly two and a half year in London, we have decided that the best place to become parents is back in Copenhagen. Come mid-July (that is Friday next week!) we will therefore move back to the cosiest city on the planet, and live a threesome life, where I will be annoyed everyday about the fact that Planet Organic is not located a 15 minute walk away.

But that is the negative part, the missing-Planet-Organic-part. I’m so looking forward to seeing all the familiar and friendly faces again, and having them be part of our lives.

Did I mention we get to live just by the sea? This is a dream come true and I can’t wait for it to unfold. Enough with the blabbering and sobbing. In this week I have a couple of delicious summer recipes coming up on the blog, so stay tuned!

Guide to growing succulents indoors

 photo weeread5_zpsb7c12cbd.png

This weeks #WeekRead no. 5 also comes from one of my favorite blogs. If you haven’t read the previous 4 #WeekRead posts click here. To sum up the principles of the weekly #WeekRead, every other Friday evening I link to a piece of content from either another blog or news site which I find extremely interesting or useful. The only rule is, it should be an easy to read, digestible article that can be read in 5 minutes. That way, when you enjoy that first cup of coffee tomorrow morning (you might even do some morning pinning?) you can read the #WeekRead easy while waking up.

So let’s get to this weeks read. You have probably guessed it already. Yup, it’s about growing succulents. For those of you that have been following me for the last 6 months, you know how obsessed I am with succulents. It all started in San Francisco last year in October. Damn they do amazing succulent terrariums in San Fran. That city sure has the right conditions for growing succulents as well. So what to do when you live in a basement apartment in the middle of grey London? It’s not exactly widespread sun rays that hit my windowsill, I have to say. Well, click on this link to go to the best garden site online Gardenista, and read this article. So very very useful if you like me are obsessed with growing succulents indoors. You will find a lot of information in this article. For example, did you know that the greener a succulent is the better it is for indoor use? Also, indoor succulents need space around them, so don’t overcrowd the pot. They need as much light as they can get, given that they are indoor and susceptible for less direct sunlight. There you go – now go fetch that brilliant article. And have a nice weekend!


Summer Holiday & Big News!

 photo IMG_20140801_101330_zps01d85b1f.jpg

I know. It’s been so quite in here for a long time. And you know what? That is because a lot of things have happened. The biggest thing is the engagement to my amazing boyfriend. I never thought I would be the wedding-girl, but I’m totally digging my new status and the fact that in a year’s time the knot will be tied to this amazing man. It happened on an impromptu weekend trip to Paris and after that we spent a week and a half back in Denmark in my parents’ house. We rented a car and could therefore drive around and look at wedding venues, enjoy the Danish summer and eat tonnes of ice cream and Danish pick ‘n mix (Yes, I’m not tirelessly a healthy saint after all…).

 photo IMG_20140801_100748_zpseb542529.jpg

One of the biggest joys about this trip (aside from sharing the good news with family and friends of course) was being able to feed off my parents amazing garden. In the morning I would go out and pick the biggest blackberries I have ever seen. I never thought of myself as a blackberry person, but that is apparently because the blackberries you get in the super markets are so sour! These were just amazing. I have never tasted blackberries so sweet! I saw myself stuffing my mouth with these berries, almost two at the time and simply craving more after each bite. My point is, don’t knock off blackberries because you think they are too sour until you try them straight off a blackberry bush.

 photo IMG_20140806_191125_zps083bac28.jpg

Blackberries were not the only produce that gobsmacked me. My hubby to be and I pulled up beetroots, carrots, and potatoes of the ground and picked buckets full of beans, courgettes, tomatoes, cucumber and salad. It was so easy to make lovely dinners with home-grown food and I was delighted.
Unfortunately, as we didn’t have a neighbour watering our produce I came back to withered peas, beans and radishes. So sad, but luckily the salad and spinach had recovered which means that I can still pick lush green handfuls to my lunch salad.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will give you a recipe for a hearty Indian Summer Vegetable bowl. August here in London is rather cold and grey with a minimum of sunny spells, so I thought I would make a warm salad with seasonal produce. Remember to check in, it’s a really brilliant dish.


A green & happy thought

 photo IMG_9481_zps5c4ff595.jpg
 photo IMG_9483_zps2bc602af.jpg

Today I had my morning coffee at Planet Organic. When I walked home, the weather was amazing, blue sky and sunny, so I couldn’t help feel a bit moved by everything. And most of all, very blessed and grateful. I live in a fantastic cozy neighborhood, my morning running track is through a stunning Hyde Park no matter what season, I have a variety of different cafes and restaurants offering healthy and nutritious food minutes away from my door and my boyfriend and I are taking every opportunity we’re given to use London. AND… I have a garden with homegrown produce in the middle of London! I’m finally feeling like I’m living the healthy and happy life that I want to live.

Looking back just a couple of years ago, that was definitely not the case. I was living with my boyfriend close to the center of Copenhagen, and the restaurants and nearby cafes we frequented was the 7/11 corner shop, and the amazing thai place just across from 7/11. I had multiple fitness memberships, none of which I used, and I just didn’t want to cook, so the massamam curry dish often became the dinner of the night, and with that, loads of white fluffy rice, pick ‘n mix and guilt. I just couldn’t be bothered. Needless to say, for me that was not a healthy lifestyle. I think my need to live differently started when I began growing potatoes in flamingo boxes in our 5th floor apartment. Now, I’m still chasing the dreamy urban garden, and sometimes struggling with it, but I’m determined to make the most of it.

 photo IMG_9482_zps31e456dd.jpg
 photo IMG_9485_zpsc546b132.jpg

After reading me waffle like that you can imagine how thrilled I was when I early yesterday morning picked fresh salad leaves from my sparse salad and spinach bed! I had leftover quinoa and salmon from dinner the night before, and just needed the extra “something green” to make a tasty lunch for work.

 photo IMG_9487_zpsb3a96731.jpg
 photo IMG_9490_zps17f7d824.jpg

For some people it might seem sad that the ability to pick your own lunch can make or break a day, but this is how I operate. This makes me happy and I’m so very grateful for being able to be happy over such a simple, yet fulfilling lifestyle. But don’t just judge me yet and find me too evangelistic – I also feel blessed every time my boyfriend treats me with a movie and a chilli dog at Electric.

 photo IMG_9495_zpsc2f33840.jpg