Let’s talk about a healthy lunch…

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I want to throw in a word about lunch. I think I did so before on this healthy lunch blogpost, but here it is again. Homemade lunch is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, I like eating out, in fact i LOVE eating out. But on a day to day basis, when I feel like I need to have all my ducks in a row, eat healthy, follow a healthy pattern, I need to bring in my own lunch to work. It calms me. It’s pure meditation to spend some time making lunch the night before, sometimes the morning before going to work. If you haven’t tried it, DO IT! See the colors come together as you add more ingredients to your salad, or when you taste for seasoning and realise that this shit is great and that you cannot wait to eat it at lunch.

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This way I’m finding that I really look forward to lunch, but at the same time, enjoy it even more when I eat. And that calms me as well. Doing this have given me an hour each day where I sit down, enjoy my lunch and feels a bit de-stressed. Not to bad, huh? Of course, with my line of work, there are days where the shit meets the fan, and the high gear kicks in. This means that there are no time for lunch without a side of hard work. These days are horrible for my stress levels. When I come home from work I cannot sleep, even though it’s past midnight, due to the high intensity at work. So you can imagine when I get to experience lunches like these, it’s quite good for the work life balance, that we all are talking about here in London.

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