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Hi there, and thank you for paying a visit. You’re in the right place if you want to learn a bit more about Plot & Pantry, just keep on reading…

Plot & Pantry is a foodie and an urban gardening blog. This is a virtual window into a London-based Plot and Pantry, where there’s lots of love for growing and eating locally produced wholesome food. I’m not a chef, an educated foodie or a gardener, so the content of this blog is purely based on experience and taste. Take what you find useful, and feel free to share your knowledge. I’m always keen to learn and develop my skills.

I’m not a evangelist, but I do have a huge interest in growing food and eating it too. The recipes you will find here does not solely consist of locally produced ingredients. I would love to be able to do that at some point, but for now avocados are still something we buy in the super market. However, all recipes are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.

It all started on a rooftop in Copenhagen. A couple of flamingo boxes filled with soil and suddenly we where enjoying potatoes grown on the 5th floor in the middle of the city. After we relocated to a basement apartment in West-London, the dream of growing our own food only became bigger, as we now had a garden, and much bigger than our living area. That is our little plot, and the Pantry inside the basement apartment is little as well, but none the less ambitious about cooking wholesome, delicious and healthy food.

Do you have any questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to write me @plotandpantry.com!


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