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Raw Cocoa Cashew & Almond Milk

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I’ve been trying forever to get up in the morning and go to the gym before work. This morning it happened. I often think about the amount of strength it takes to get up, force yourself to exercise for the benefit of feeling healthier and happier afterwards. Which are pretty nice benefits, wouldn’t you agree? So why is it so hard to pick up and do it? I guess that willpower needs some exercise as well. Anyways, I felt like having a true post-workout shake afterwards and given the fact that I haven’t been grocery shopping at all the past couple of days our fridge was completely empty. I therefore turned to the cupboards to find the ingredients for my morning shake. And boy, oh boy, did I find the ingredients. Here you go – a recipe for the most delicious Raw Cocoa Nut Milk. I wonder if that urban myth promising bigger muscles if you drink that sugar-heavy cocoa milk after a work out is still valid? However, this might just be one of the much healthier alternatives.

All you need to make a shake for yourself…
1 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk (more if necessary, see below)
2 pitted dates (that means, please do make sure you take out the stone)
2 heaping tablespoons of raw cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of coconut nectar. Alternatively, use agave sirup
1 teaspon of hemp protein powder
1/3 cup raw cashews

This is how it’s done…
Blend all ingredients into a fine smooth drink, not a smoothie, but more like a shake. If the shake feels like a smoothie, add more almond milk.