The Perfect Smoothie Recipe

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Last week #WeekRead was on holiday. Friday night my hubby-to-be and I was on a plane, on our way to a birthday to celebrate my fiances granddad’s 85 birthday. Such an inspiration! So #WeekRead had to wait. Step aside for the celebration of a 85 year old senior with such a joy for life! Something we can all learn from.

Anyways, let’s talk about this weeks #WeekRead. It’s pretty simple. It’s the perfect smoothie recipe. It’s located on the Free People Blog. I just love that blog. So many useful and quirky inspirational blog posts. These basic smoothie steps just had me at hello. It’s quite similar to how I make my smoothie, although I’m not always good at following all steps through. But I can’t agree more to the statement that a smoothie should be a meal, not a dessert. Cudos to that! Come on, you know you want to. Click here to see the anatomy of a smoothie and go try for yourself!

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