#WeekRead is returning with IKEA hydroponics

I’ve realised that as soon as my maternity leave ends, our little Alice starts in daycare and I will be back in employment, that I will have absolutely no free time so I’m now trying to grow a habit of making time to my own projects, and then hopefully – HOPEFULLY – it will stick when summer comes and everything goes down.

One of my heartfelt projects is the #WeekRead where I tip you readers with easy to read and interesting reads and links you can spend your Saturday morning digesting with a cup of Joe.

This weeks #WeekRead no. 6 comes from IKEA. Yes, you read it correctly the first time. Come this spring IKEA launches a hydroponic series enabling you to grow your own vegetables indoors anytime of the year. It’s good news, especially for dim Copenhagen apartments, that don’t necessarily have access to a vegetable pad or multiple window sills with access the sun for most of the day. You can read more about the project here.

We actually bought a house, so I will not be concerned with regular window growing this season, apart from sprouting and propagation, so expect some good updates from our new garden this year.

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To sum up the principles of the weekly #WeekRead, every other Friday evening I link to a piece of content from either another blog or news site which I find extremely interesting or useful. The only rule is, it should be an easy to read, digestible article that can be read in 5 minutes. That way, when you enjoy that first cup of coffee tomorrow morning (you might even do some morning pinning?) you can read the #WeekRead easy while waking up.

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